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Platinum Bullion
Palladium Bullion

We Buy, Sell & Trade all of the following

American Gold Eagles
American Gold Buffalos

Gold Maple Leafs

Pre 1933's US Gold Coins

Gold Krugerrands

British Gold Sovereign

Gold Nuggets

Swiss 20 Franc

American Silver Eagles
American Silver Buffalos
Silver Bars & Rounds
Foreign Silver
Silver Maple Leafs
90% Silver Bags
Platinum Eagles
Platinum Maple Leafs
Platinum Bars & Rounds

American Palladium Eagles

Palladium Buffalo
Palladium Maple Leafs
Palladium Bars & Rounds

Buying Scrap Gold & Coins

          Renton Coin Shop is a major buyer of gold, silver, coins, scrap jewelry and more. We make our money on volume and do our best to pay top dollar for your items. Feel free to bring your items and get a free estimate.

    Hello, I am Steve Campau! I’ve helped thousands of happy investors in selling and buying gold and silver bullion. Premiums and values change by the moment. I invite you to call or email me for a personalized quote whether it be for a few pieces or a million dollar purchase.

Call me direct 206-909-7653


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