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Always Buying Scrap Jewelery

Scrap Gold Calculator


        Renton coin shop has been in business and buying scrap jewelry for over 46 years. Our reputation and honesty is beyond reproof. That being said we've provided a scrap gold calculator to give you a general idea of what we may pay for your gold items depending on quantities. We're very competitive in the market place and buy about a quarter of a million dollars in scrap every month! Rest assured you are in good hands.


*Prices & values are subject to change.

We Buy all of the following:

 ~ 10 - 22K Gold Jewelry

 ~ White gold

 ~ Black Hills Gold

 ~ Platinum Jewelry Sterling Silver         (Jewelry, Silverware, Cups...)

 ~ Estate Jewelry

 ~ Gold, Silver & Platinum Coins

Thanks.Now I can pay bills and get my 

college books!

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